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Afincados en Berlín, The Officials a.k.a OFF, es una crew alemana bastante versátil en la que cada uno de sus componentes desarrolla un estilo diferente y tocan todos los palos. Bombing, muros, trenes, metros o fiesta brava sin excepción.

Algunos de sus componentes, pasaron por Sevilla dejando huella en nuestra ciudad y de paso nos dejaron unas cuantas imágenes de algunos de ellos.

Conexión Sevilla-Berlín, Speed & Cocaine.

OFF. Crew, love, family, menthality, profession. We are not only a team. We share our lifes, our passion our love for the thing. Based in Berlin, where it all started and never will end, we do what we do, are who we are. Meetings at our Corner, drinking beer, spotting girls, talking about trains, walls, drugs, football, films music and sneakers. Perfect evening? Trashcan-throw-up’s and pizza or colorful wholecars and cooking seafood?! It doesn’t matter, we will have fun anyway!!! The fact that we operate perfectly is caused by our internal difference: Classical chrome bombings, complex hall styles, trains, art influences. Girls with blonde, brown, black and red hair. Standard cap and skinny. Nike and adidas. We learn and profit from each other and of course we hold together in sticky situations. You don´t want to have beef with us if you look at our yard! Any stands for anyone. No matter if you have your dick in a chick. If you have the honor to boast with our three letters, better do what ever is needed to make them honorably. Greetings to our worldwide haters, juice for our groupies, we love you!

The Officials

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