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Sólo con echar un vistazo a la cartelería del evento ya intuíamos que iba a ser una jam de alto nivel. «Back To The Style» es una jam concebida a la vieja usanza, un lugar donde puedes encontrar a los mejores escritores, breakers, mc’s y dj’s del panorama internacional.

En este evento han participado algunos de nuestros grandes escritores nacionales, Rois, Rage, Brk192 y Fasim han desarrollado sus skills en Nápoles, junto a una multitud de escritores italianos e internacionales como Nedo, Rota, Teso, Gola, Nomad, Koso, Dyre, Hurto, Opium, Zeus40, Ghost, Kosem, Gosh7, Ofuske, Crash, Flyingfortress, Slork, Tiger, Wuk, Rebel, Izzy, Nilo.

Sin más, os dejamos con estas imágenes del evento, cortesía de Fasim.

International Graffiti jam


Back to the old style is a way conceived hip hop jam, a place in wich you’ll find some of the best writers, breakers, djs and mcs. To watch, to listen, to enter deeply into a culture, to listen to the ITS vibration and to live its true spirit: let’s go Back to the style.
Back to the Jam style is one conceived the old fashioned way, a space where you can meet the best writers, breakers, djs and mcs of Italian and international scene. Watch, listen, learn a culture, to feel its vibrations, live the spirit of true. All this is Back to the style.
Back to the Style, literally, «Return to Style,» especially wants to reward the efforts of those who made the history of graffiti in Italy and Europe and continues in an active way to do it.
Back to the Style is an annual event with graffiti and hip hop culture in Naples.
Back to the Style is an event promoted by Bereshit with the support of various organizations working in the area, but mainly comes from engagement and collaboration between the crew Hardcore, Wild Boys & Capras.
Bereshit is an association founded by a group of writers (Bagnoli Kingz) than with
commitment and passion is organizing events since 1999 (Stop Nisida).
Bereshit this year promotes Back to the Style, with the aim of ensuring that this city, a moment of encounter and engagement on the true spirit of this culture.
Información general
September 28, 2014
Via Cupa Starza Park Toto
Naples / Italy
Dyre, Fasim, Roice, Flying Fortress, Kosem, Rage, Nomad, Reso, Ofuske, Izzy, Brk, Nesh, Ogryz, Rebel, Lugosis, True, Koso, Slork, Zeus, Opium, Rota, Pencil, Teso, Gosh, Gola, Tres, Nedo and Ghost.
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