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Tras un primer trailer hace casi un año que nos dejó con ganas de más, la segunda entrega del vídeo ‘City of Paranoia’ ya está disponible online. Vídeo en el que, además de disfrutar de numerosas acciones 100% Londres, los protagonistas nos relatan sus vivencias y como han ido teniendo que superar la seguridad y las dificultades que aumentan día a día, para conseguir el objetivo.

After spending so much time in and around train depots,continually having to deal with high levels of stress and fatique,we decided to document our input into the subculture to show the side of it that will never be seen on any official channel. It is the great honour to be part of the movement that’s shared by hundreds of other non – conformists who’we left their mark these last thirty years.Looking at scene nowadays it isn’t hard to see the movement is slowly dying.Painted trains being removed from service,high tech security measurements and severe punishments have made the game harder and riskier than ever. Turning an artisticexpression into mindless crime was a victory for the British Transport Police. The film is our response to their noise. This one goes out to all the writers in prison and their families too. Special thanks to everyone that helped and inspired us,you are the reason this was made possible , much love and respect. 

You know who you are.

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